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Greetings and sorry for the long hiatus on this page. Right now dinamaccabee.com is getting revamped! In the meanwhile please check out the links and content here in wordpress land.


with Feist on the Tonight show

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East Coast Mini Tour – June 2011

Sunday June 5: Ditmas Acoustic, Brooklyn, 7 pm
with Myk Freedman

Monday June 6: Pete’s Candy Store, 10:30 pm
7:30 Spelling Bee Finals
9:30 The Go Round

Tuesday June 7: The Glade, West Philly, 7 pm
featuring Marie Abe, Accordion!

Thursday June 9: Jalopy, Red Hook, 9pm
opening for Veveritse Brass Band

Seaweed Sway at the Milk Bar: 12/29

Wednesday 8:00pm
The MILK Bar
1840 Haight Street @ Stanyan, across from Amoeba

SeaweedSway & the Orange Room Present:
DINA MACCABEE and the Excellent Spellers
HOLLY MAE and the Painted Room (in from Germany)

late november update


Here are a few public performances I want you to know about. And attend.

Tonight! At Coda in San Francisco
KillBossa the city’s only Brazilian Tropicalia cover band that features bass clarinet.
Also on the bill is the “heavy chamber” bass clarinet super group Edmund Welles.
8pm, $5 (KillBossa on last @ 10 ), 1710 Mission St.


1. Tune in to Pirate Cat Radio to check out Diamond Dave’s awesome show where I’ll be a featured guest.
and when I say tune in, i mean click here http://www.piratecatradio.com/listen-live
Or, come by the studio-cafe at 2781 21st Street, near Florida

2. Stop by the Holiday Party and Sale at Pegasus (Pendragon) on College! With live music by myself and Sylvain Carton.

Then, wish me a good trip to Georgia — the country– we are still 1 day and a just a few bucks away for our fundraising goal to reach the black sea city of Batumi for our second performance. Not too late! chip in a fiver if you can here:


I’ll be back soon enough, and will finish out the year with a couple more interesting shows.

Milk Bar in the Haight is featuring quality live music these days, including a bill with myself and Sylain Carton Quartet on 12/29.

Stay tuned!


Innocent Words review

By: Jonathan Tuttle
Dina Maccabee
Who Do You Suppose You Are?

Dina Maccabee is a classical viola major, but her music is far from being classical. She is quirky, sometimes a daydreamer, and elegant all in one. Picture the subtleness of Aimee Mann with the chaos of Lisa Germano. Maccabee straddles this fine line masterfully by not getting too folky or too obscure with her sound. She has a striking supple voice that wraps around the music like a warm blanket straight out of the dryer.

On her nine-song debut, Maccabee is joined by free-jazz guitarist Tobin Summerfield and together the classically trained girl and the jazz-inspired boy make beautiful folk pop songs together. The songs on Who Do You Suppose You Are? stand on their own…Maccabee’s style bridge the gap of so many genre’s it’s her own sound.

With her intellictual song structures and perfect-pitch vocals, Maccabee has the abilty to pull off the up beat pop sounds on “Hi-Yo” then counter that with the wide open field of “In Your Galaxy.” “Far Away” is a drum-driven song with screeching strings and Maccabee’s soft vocals. She goes the traditional folk route on “Soon We Will All Be Forgotten” and “Like Dew In the Sun.” The album closes with arguable it’s best track –“Build Me a House” with its tambourine keeping time while a ghostly guitar strums in the back with Maccabee’s slow haunting vocals peeking out behind the haze.

Maccabee, who has played alongside everyone from Vienna Teng, Vetiver, Sufjan Stevens, and Wilco, has learned from the musicians she has played with and applied that to an impressive debut album.


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